Sign the Petition to End Second-Class Citizenship in Canada




Canada is all about diversity. Many Canadians were born in other countries or are citizens of other countries because of their family history – and all of us are 100% Canadian.

But the changes made to Canadian law by Bill C-24 shatter a core principle of Canadian citizenship – that all Canadians have equal rights. This new law makes second-class citizens out of every Canadian who’s born elsewhere or who is a dual citizen.

In Canada, lawfully-obtained citizenship has always been permanent. Once a Canadian, always a Canadian. Now the government has made Canadian citizenship less secure. This turns the whole idea of being Canadian upside-down, so that the Canadian citizenship of some people will be worth less than the Canadian citizenship of others.

Citizenship is supposed to mean something. Taking rights away from Canadians because of where they were born, or where their families come from? That’s un-Canadian. We need to repeal this second-class Canadian law.

Please sign this petition to stand up for equal citizenship for all Canadians, and consider donating to our legal challenge.

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